The Sacrifice

15 second exposures of ‘The Sacrifice’, a film by the great Russian auteur, Andrei Tarkovsky. I had the idea as Tarkovsky was an advocate of using long takes in his film making, which permitted beautiful open compositions to remain in shot for long periods. ‘Slow Cinema’ made slower. I quite like how the subtitles blendContinue reading “The Sacrifice”


I have always had the inclination to shoot sequentially like this. Perhaps in attempt to take the hole moment with me, rather than say to catch “the decisive moment”; as Cartier-Bresson put it. I included this sequence in the piece, ” In Search of Space” , as a way of representing a departure from theContinue reading “Sequence.1”


Film as they say is the newest form of art. You may not agree with that, but film is a massive influence on myself as an artist. It was film that offered the escape from boredom as a child- a way exploring new worlds without having to travel further than the living room. What doesContinue reading “Television”